About us

Hi my name is Jason Beun. I am 25 years old and come from Hilvarenbeek. This is a small town located in the Netherlands. Almost three years ago, I started studying music at United Pop in Amsterdam. During that I became a licensed music producer. I am currently extending that knowledge with the bachelor Music Technology Specialist, which is given by United Pop but is licensed under the University of West London.

Before stating at United Pop, I have been a roadie and band manager for two different bands. One hard rock band who played songs in the style of Guns ‘n’ Roses and the other who played acoustic Irish folk music. I also provided live audio on the gigs of both of those bands.

Next to that I used to be a board member and volunteer at the local music venue where I was responsible for planning gigs and festivals, giving light shows, doing live sound at small shows and handling the facilities.  I also got asked to do sound for other bands a couple of times in an Irish pub.

During my education at United Pop, I started doing more mixes at home. The genres I like to focus on are rock, metal and blues. I also needed to master on different occasions but this is not something I enjoy to do.

Next to mixing, I also started doing live audio for a touring female tribute band to Twisted Sister called, the Twisted Sisters. With this band, I tour through Europe providing them with sound on their gigs. This ranges from small bars with a couple dozen visitors, al the way through to big venues like the P60 in Amstelveen and medium festivals like Popelucht in Etten-leur both bringing in hundreds of visitors. For those gigs, I also function as road crew.

To make everything easier to arrange for doing live audio, I have started my own business in 2022 called “The Source of Sound”. Currently I only have the Twisted Sisters as a client, but I am looking to actively expand my business after finishing my education in October.