At the Source of Sound, we take recording seriously. Our engineer is currently undertaking a bachelor degree a United Pop that is licencess under the University of West London. During this education, there has been a focus on the different versions of close miking and stereo miking techniques. Our engineer is capable of working with a fully digital workspace but also with an analog mixing desk.

During the recording process, we are very particular in notating everything that happens. We always keep recording and studio logs with detailed pictures of the sessions. This makes it a lot easier to make editions to the recording, without having a vast variation in sound properties. This is especially useful in a hybrid recording studio.

Our engineer is most proficient in with recording in ProTools. He also has basic experience in recording with Logic Pro X.

If you choose to work with us for recording your music, there are different options available. Please get in contact with us through here, to get more information.